The Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, Inc. (KAFF), is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to promoting the healthy development, resiliency building, and empowerment of the youth of Kern County by providing physical activity and intellectual stimulation in a safe environment.  Fencing lessons are offered to youth and adults alike.

The Smart Fencing for Kern County program at local schools is erected on two pillars of discipline: physical training and academic tutoring, with the objective of whole child development. Participating at-risk students will receive free group fencing lessons and individual tutoring as long as they maintain satisfactory progress in their academic subjects and conduct.

KAFF ParaFencing is a program to develop athletes ages 13+ to experience the Paralympic sport of Wheelchair (seated) fencing.  In partnership with a number of community sponsors, we are currently acquiring equipment and forming classes for this adaptive sport.  Individual and Corporate sponsors are invited to contribute.  Please donate using the links below, or view/print Donor Packet here:  Paralympic Fencing Gala 2021 Donor Package