Lucas Dobrzanski


Lucas Dobrzanski is the founder, president and coach of the Kern Athletic
Fencing Foundation.

A retired Chemical Engineer, competitive fencer and a three time member of
the USA veteran team to World Championships, is a dedicated promoter and
contributor to the success of the Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation.   Lucas started his fencing career at the Los Angeles Athletic Club under Metre D ’Arms Delmar Calvert. He fenced on the UCD fencing team and was the founding president of the UCD fencing club in 1967.

After years of inactivity, Lucas started back in fencing in 2003.  He has fenced in all 3 weapons at national competitions and was a finalist in several national tournaments of the USFA.

He represented the US in three Veterans World Championship with a best finish of 15th in the world.  He is the founding president of Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, coach and fencer. Dedicated to put Kern County fencing on the map by producing national level fencers while promoting the charitable side of the foundation thru the “Smart Fencing for Kern County” program.