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About Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation

Classical Fencing is a fun activity which is well suited for adults and for  boys and girls of all ages, levels, abilities, and disabilities. In addition to being a fun and exciting activity, classical fencing is a superb form of exercise, which builds endurance, strength, flexibility, and the capacity to think fast under pressure.

The Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation, Inc. (KAFF), is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to promoting the healthy development, resiliency building, and empowerment of the youth of Kern County by providing physical activity and intellectual stimulation in a safe environment.

KAFF offers competitive and recreational instruction while reinforcing the high ideals of chivalry, honor, and integrity

Sometimes called “physical chess,” fencing also builds character through the exercise of self-discipline, confidence, integrity, fair play, and the ability to relax under fire, not to mention its imaginative connections with history, literature, and the high ideals of codes of honor and chivalry.

The Smart Fencing for Kern County program at local schools is erected on two pillars of discipline: physical training and academic tutoring, with the objective of whole child development. Participating at-risk students will receive free group fencing lessons and individual tutoring as long as they maintain satisfactory progress in their academic subjects and conduct.

We have a dedicated group of professionals that make this program a success, which include fencing aficionados, volunteer coaches, professional educators, and volunteers.

You are invited to visit us at our studio during schedule classes.


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Our Instructors

What Our Members Say

Deanna Clark

Director of After-School Programs, Bakersfield City School District

“Fencing is a great sport in our program…Many of our students learned skills and a sport they never knew possible. One parent stated, “The only reason my son has become excited about attending school is the Fencing After School Program.”

Susanne Crow

Home School Parent

“The homeschool day class is excellent! My son, who’s not very athletic, has benefited greatly from this program. He’s learned skills and boosted his confidence in an amazing way!"

Luke Fountain

Adult Beginning Fencer

"As a young professional, I was looking for an athletic pursuit that would fit with my work-life. Fencing is a fantastic workout and the people are great. I’ve learned a lot and its really fun.”